cold sunriseboat and reflectioncondos and cloudssails reflectionopen arms and the cloudssmall boatsboy and the cityskydivers in black2007 Photostall flagsfall in front st.fall colorssky podthe gardinerforesters buildinglines and cloudssun in the foggreen mountainvertical limitred truckssharp edgeharbourfront centreclouds and reflectionevening in torontolight sculpturedot TOpark benchfog in torontofoggy eveningnathan philips squaresunset in lakewindowssunny daythree guestscloud and reflectionchocolate cakechalet and reflectionmilad towershepherderoicaclouds over the lakeUN buildingschimneybanafdehchaletsparallel linesUN buildingcloudy eveningconstruction and sunsetdamavandfresh morningred and whitestars in skytall buildingsstraight flighthappy norouzspringtimechimney stacksbranch linesgirl, chain and statueskyscrapersthe twinspink buildingfrozen beachcold eveningtoronto in darkdowntown corean iron towerlooking upclouds over lake ontarioinvention of the elevator...a condominiumcloudy nightv sunriseanother skyforest lanewaya different face

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